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Spaghetti Seasoning , Spicy 14 oz
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Gluten Free, Kosher, No MSG
All the great flavors of spaghetti — onion, garlic, spices, red and green bell peppers and salt — in one convenient blend! Turns tomato sauce into delicious pasta sauce for tonight's dinner!
Use as a base for any Italian dish or any tomato-based sauce or entrée. Mix into bread dough for a colorful and tasty Italian bread. Great as a sauce served on chicken cacciatore, chicken marsala, veal, fish, meatloaf, hamburgers and pasta. Mix with olive oil and toss with pasta. Delicious in pasta salads or mixed with butter for a spicy garlic bread. For 1 quart sauce, mix 1/3 cup Tone’s® Spicy Spaghetti Seasoning with 30 oz. tomato sauce. Simmer for about 20 minutes.
Spaghetti means "little strings," which refers to the shape of tise iconic pasta.
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