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At Tone's®, we tap into regions from around the world in order to bring you fresh, delicious flavors to simply prepare an out-of-this-world dinner experience. By preserving their oils and ensuring their purity, we stand by our commitment to quality and flavor to provide spices and seasonings with the highest levels of freshness that the whole family will love.


Our spices embody the hard work and passion that the Tone family expressed in order to bring excellent quality spices to your table. From the beginning, the Tone family created values that held high standards for the spices and seasonings we know and love today.

Story of the
Tone Brothers

In 1873, Jehiel Tone and his brother Isaac set out to begin their own spice and coffee business. By 1888, they changed the game by inventing the individual, pre-ground spice packaging we enjoy today. If it weren't for their inventive spirit, we might still be scooping spices from barrels at the grocery store.

The Tone Brothers recognized that cooking could be better by simplifying the lives of the consumer and going the extra mile to make dinner time more fulfilling. Today, Tone's® proudly holds the title of the oldest spice company in the United States and continues to amplify flavor experiences and menus around the world.